3 Essential Factors Needed To Improve Your Drive-Thru

April 24, 2019 | By solinkcorporation | Solink

The drive-thru is one of the most important aspects of any quick-service restaurant. Guests rely on speedy service, and being able to provide your customers with quality food in a short period of time helps increase sales and customer satisfaction. Keeping your customers happy encourages them to keep your restaurant in the front of their mind when considering their meal options.

One of the biggest challenges that managers and restaurant owners face is trying to find out whether or not their drive-thru is running efficiently. These are the three important factors that managers need to focus on to ensure your customers leave happy and satisfied.

1. Accuracy affects your customer retention 

Your customer’s main priority is that they receive the order that they requested. While mistakes are bound to happen, there are plenty of ways to try and mitigate any confusion. Most of the time, mistakes are made because the order was punched into the POS system incorrectly. Try implementing a policy where the server is required to repeat back the order once it has been placed. Yes, it does take a little more time at the menu, but it gives your customer the extra assurance that the server is taking the time to input everything correctly.

Solink ensures that your customers are receiving the best service possible, while also making sure your employees are following the policies. Solink pairs the video footage from your existing security system, the transaction data, and the audio from the employee’s headset to give you a clear picture of each and every transaction. You’ll be able to watch every order from start to finish; you’ll know how much time it takes, the amount spent, and whether or not your employees are confirming the order.

2. Hangry people need fast service

People aren’t using the drive-thru just to avoid walking indoors; they are using the drive-thru to get their food fast. Your customers want to have their meal in a short period of time, and if that doesn’t happen, they aren’t going to keep coming back–especially if they’re ‘hangry’ (that’s hungry and angry)!

If you have employees rushing to complete as many orders as possible without taking the time to confirm orders and get it right, they are going to end up giving customers the wrong items and having to start over again. The best solution is to have enough staff to cover the shifts ensures that your employees won’t feel frantic when the rush hits. But it’s worth noting that having too many staff on duty can actually slow down the whole team.

Through our HME Zoom integration, managers can accurately track the speed and efficiency of their drive-thru transactions. This allows them to evaluate staffing needs and improve guest experience. Daily reports will be able to tell you how long your customers spent at the window, how long it took for one of your employees to greet them, and how long it took the food to be given to the customer. Identifying times when it took too long, or if there were a large number of returns, can help you know when you need more staff to help combat the rush.

3. Customer Service makes you memorable

The third factor that a drive-thru needs to perfect is the customer service aspect. It seems simple in theory, but too often employees act as though they can get away with putting in less effort because the customer will be gone right away. As the manager, you have to hold your employees to the standards you want to be associated with your brand. Simple policies like having them repeat the orders back to the clients, or limiting the amount of time it takes before they greet the customer when they pull up help, ensures that your customers will have a positive experience while in your drive-thru.

Encouraging your employees to put in the extra effort also increases revenue. All of us have that one franchise location we like to visit more frequently because Joan behind the cash is so nice!

Solink’s ability to integrate HME Zoom with the employee headsets allows the manager to hear exactly how the interaction with the customer went, and whether or not the employee offered any add-ons. Knowing how your employees speak to the customers can help managers highlight their star employees, and offer training to those who may not be thriving as much as the others. Having actual contextual evidence to support any unusual transactions or customer complaints simplifies your investigation.

Drive-thru has been and will continue to be, one of the most important facets of a quick-service restaurant. Being able to offer your clients a fast meal at a good price is always going to be a valuable asset that can help increase your sales. Make sure your drive-thru operates at its peak efficiency to ensure that you remain a popular choice for your customers.