3 Ways To Get Your Staff Excited About Giving Better Customer Service

May 23, 2019 | By solinkcorporation | Solink

The goal of any restaurant is to make your customers happy. Customer service is obviously a huge part of any business, but when it comes to the quick-service restaurant world, you’ve really got to go above and beyond. There are too many options out there to let your customers receive less than the best. If they aren’t happy with how you treat them, they’re going to go somewhere else. Clearly, you don’t want that to happen. So, do you want to know how to keep those customers coming back over and over again?

Training. The key to better customer service lies in how your employees treat your customers. You’ve got to give your staff the tools they need to make a big impression. How do you do it? Here are the three easiest ways you can support your employees with better training.

1. Ready…Set…Serve!

Use your staff’s competitive nature to increase their performance

Many quick-service restaurants are staffed primarily by part-time workers. How do you keep your staff motivated and working hard even when it’s not their full-time gig? Sure, they’ve got other stuff going on in their life, but if you can get them excited about their job, they are going to work hard every day.

Creating fun competitions for staff members can be the boost they need to get invested in their job. Maybe it’s as simple as tracking who can sell the most french fries in a shift. Or maybe it’s who can get the most customer reviews in a month. There are infinite competitions you can build based on your own business and what areas you need to improve.

If you give your staff a clear goal that they can earn a prize for, there’s a better chance that they will get invested. When you have Solink, it’s easy to filter through transactions. You can even type in what you’re looking for as if you were searching Google. You can type in “fry” and pull up every transaction where fries were sold. Solink will make these competitions really easy to judge!

2. Friendly Reminders and Helpful Hints

Regular updates and refreshers are key to keeping staff informed.

Everyone can use a refresher every once in a while. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been there for two months or two years, a quick review of the best practices is always beneficial. These little reminders shouldn’t only happen when something goes wrong. Instead, make it a habit to go over your policies regularly with your staff.

These regular check-ins give you the opportunity to stop any bad habits from forming, remind employees of the important policies they may have forgotten, and introduce new ideas. Your business is obviously going to change and grow over time. The best way to keep up with your ever-evolving clientele is by keeping your staff in the loop.  

Real-time notifications come standard with Solink, so you’re able to see the second something happens. Those notifications make it simple to identify training opportunities right away. You don’t have to wait for the end of the month or year, you can see as soon as something is getting off course and fix it.

3. Show them some love

Highlight your star performers.

Your employees want to know that you’re seeing their hard work. They want you to show your gratitude and understanding of their situation. Highlighting your top performers proves that you’re paying attention. Not only that, but it also gives you the opportunity to explain to the whole team why this is the way it should be done. They’ll know exactly how you want them to make those upsells, how you want them to handle difficult customers, or how to clean up at the end of the day.

Having video clips of your winning examples is the easiest way to get your point across. The Discover Dashboard in Solink makes it easy to pick out all of your star employees within a couple of clicks. You can filter by total sale amount, transaction duration, or even transaction number to find the video for your desired sale. Once you get your clip, it’s easy to save it, add notes, and send to other managers and staff members. They’ll be able to see why this clip is so important and can make changes you’d like to see.

Ready to get your staff pumped up? We’ve got a bonus tip for you.

Getting your staff excited to give better customer service doesn’t have to be difficult. You’ve just got to work with the team and learn what makes them happy. Each person is going to be motivated in different ways. The best way to figure out exactly what your staff members are motivated by is to understand their personality better. There are many different personality tests that can help you do this, but DiSC is one of the most comprehensive.

No matter which method you choose to motivate your employees, you’re going to find that the best customer service comes from a well-trained staff. If you want your customers to get the best service possible, you’ve got to show your staff you care. If you’re looking for more ways to get your staff pumped up and enthusiastic, check out this handy poster that you can provide to your team. It’s got all kinds of tips to help improve the quality of customer service. Or, take a tour of Solink to see all of the ways we can help you better your business and make training a breeze.