Improve Customer Satisfaction By Focusing On Traffic And Layout

February 11, 2019 | By solinkcorporation | Solink

When thinking about how to improve your customer experience at your restaurant, it’s easy to ignore one of the most valuable assets at your disposal: the layout and design of your restaurant. If you’re not tracking and learning from the flow of customer traffic, you could miss out on some great opportunities to improve their experience.

How can you analyze traffic flow?

Sure, you can spend time watching how people move through your dining room, but it’s easier and faster if you use some technology to help. With a motion-tracking and heat-mapping platform like Solink, managers can get an accurate look at where movement occurs in the restaurant, enabling them to make better business decisions. For example, if they are looking for a good place to put up their latest promo posters, the Solink Heat Map can show them where the traffic is in the business, so they can guarantee the most eyes on the promotion.

How does traffic flow affect customer satisfaction?

In a recent study, researchers learned that customers buy more items and are more likely to return if they have a “unique experience or emotion” while at the restaurant. Reflecting on your customers’ traffic flow through your store will allow you to identify the areas they like, the areas they don’t like, and then optimize it to give them more of what they want.

How else does traffic flow analysis help?

Optimizing the restaurant’s layout can be beneficial for restaurant managers in other ways as well. By using technology, managers can uncover any thefts, make their floor plans safer, and provide better access to products or facilities. All of these aspects can help to improve the customers’ experience, making them more likely to come back and spend more of their hard-earned money.

It’s the small things that matter.

It’s easier to pick out any of the small things that may be causing a huge issue if you’re able to use your surveillance cameras to track how your customers move through your restaurant. That data can be analyzed, and even if it’s something as simple as relocating a trash can or rotating a table, you may be able to prevent a lot of unnecessary problems.

Your customers may not be able to notice all of the little changes you do specifically, but they will absolutely notice if you don’t put in the effort. Make sure you’re giving your customers the most positive experience possible to ensure they are willing to return and enjoy your location by optimizing your floorplan to make it work for them.

We’re here to help.

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