JIB franchise owner experiences significant payroll cost savings, gains peace of mind

December 18, 2018 | By Honkamp Krueger | Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C.



A multi-unit (70+) franchise owner across multiple concepts (e.g. Jack in the Box, Denny’s, etc.) was seeking out a new payroll provider after numerous negative experiences with their previous payroll service provider. Their provider offered the iSolved platform but was not leveraging the technology available to the advantage of the franchise owner. This ultimately resulted in big, costly mistakes including missing and incorrect checks. Additionally, onboarding and applicant tracking was handled through a separate system, Efficient Forms. Not only was the use of technology inefficient and ineffective, but the franchise owner experienced high turnover and frustration with the customer service team through the provider. They had lost all confidence in their provider’s ability to be accurate.

Approach & Analysis

HKP offered to perform a cost analysis to compare the current payroll provider’s pricing on the iSolved platform, including the additional services through Efficient, to HKP’s service through iSolved.

HKP was able to find a 25 percent savings compared to the provider the franchise owner had been using. This was a direct calculation of their invoices and services rendered compared to HKP’s services and did not include additional fees the franchise owner had been charged by the previous provider for services like direct deposit changes, wage garnishments, etc., which would have resulted in greater savings.


Because of HKP’s in-depth understanding of the franchise industry, HKP is able to better leverage the existing technology to offer a more robust, efficient and effective use of the iSolved platform than the previous provider could offer.

The franchise owner ultimately decided to make the switch to HKP, not just for cost savings, but also because of HKP’s exceptional customer service and extensive experience working with the franchising industry and their franchise space in particular. Through HKP, they are able to handle all of their human capital management needs in one provider (including payroll, applicant tracking and onboarding, and tax credits), offer onboarding for store managers straight through their in-store portals, integrate their benefit plan administration with iSolved, and receive a friendly, familiar and stable customer service team that is deeply knowledgeable of their needs.
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