Summit Preparation

Face-to-Face Meeting

Spend time in a “speed dating” setting with groups of franchisees that are interested in learning more about the products and services you have to offer. This is your opportunity to wow them! Bring samples, or handouts for the panelists — whatever suits your fancy! Each Allied Partner is given equal time to meet with panelists.

Suggestions for Meeting

  •  Handouts – to ensure you have enough time during your meeting bring detailed handouts panelist can easily refer to
  •  Company fact sheet – New to the JIB system? Create a simple one pager to streamline the conversation and educate panelist
  •  Be prepared and deliver your main message quickly
  •  Update NFA members on new products, cost saving measures and opportunities
  •  Showcase additional services and products members may not be aware of

Food Sampling & Equipment Demonstration

Each food/equipment supplier will have a station (two 8-foot tables, front and back) where you will can prepare samples for each panelist or provide an equipment demonstration. The panelists will rotate in groups from station to station while rating your items. Each supplier is given equal time at each station.

Suggestions for Food Tasting

  •  Showcase product solutions for JIB offerings
  •  Team up with other suppliers to create a tasty build
  •  Showcase new equipment
  •  Work with hotel staff to ensure a successful tasting